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Call us toll free: +1 949 678 9362

Color Services

seasonal color palette development

Color is the single most important element to the design process for any trend intensive business. Color is what will get a consumer to "walk in or walk by".

Hope Brick is respected as one of the fashion industry's color experts. Her keen eye for color combined with her business sense results in seasonal color palettes that will "paint the canvas of your selling floor".She gets her color inspiration from places of travel, objects of art, astute awareness of macro trends, and all things that are stunningly beautiful.

Brick's passion for color by category, fabric, yarn, and material is relentless. She is known to positively impact a business through the effective use of color.

Color Analysis

The RADARinsights team under the leadership of Hope Brick are students of the business. Color Analysis of the "history" of color is absolutely critical when crafting the "future" of color. We will review your reporting and pull together color selling.

The team will identify by color family what is "evolving" about the color. We shop the globe to determine what will create "urgency" for the consumer to buy something new. We attend all relevant trade shows, recap all key designers, and process the direction tailored for your specific market demographic.

In addition, RADARinsights will work with design/merchants to review how many colors are needed by program and which to carry forward. Identifying core colors, fashion colors, and accent colors by floor set are also part of RADARinsights expertise which drives focused assortments.

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