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Call us toll free: +1 949 678 9362

Trend and Design

In a “cluttered landscape” of endless trend reports, color palettes, runway reports and fashion flashes that are presented in a generic manner, RADARINSIGHTS helps trend intensive companies deliver results with custom consulting, and custom navigating.

Seasonal/Quarterly "Kick Off" Presentations scaled to size and scope of the company, whether large or small based on the clients demand, are among the services of RADARinsights.

Hope Brick and her team will work for you to ensure your organization is prepared with all the key components to make an actionable Trend/Color/Fabric presentation.

We will have shopped the globe for samples appropriate for your product category.

We will stage them in a visually unique, compelling and actionable way in a venue of your choice.

RADARinsights understands that trend intensive business's begin with a critical path calendar that requires "alignment" across all cross functional teams in your organization. From Marketing to Planning, to Merchandising and Sourcing.

Concept presentations are in a creative venue with product on hand in which to align with your merchandising strategies.

Hope Brick is an outstanding public speaker who can lead the presentation or script it for your team.


RADARinsights has a pulse on the organizational demands and workload of a design team. We know that based on your critical path the number of tech packs your team must generate can have peaks and valleys.

We know that SKU counts can vary based on the volume projections of a business, and as a result of an ever changing business the demand for human capital in the design center can change, especially during crunch time.

We have a talent pool of freelance designers, illustrators, graphic artists, and textile designers that can work remotely to help ensure deadlines are met and deliveries are secure.


RADARinsights has solid expertise and proven results in re-defining and re-branding iconic brands. In order to stay relevant in an ever changing highly sensitive and technical marketplace, pop culture experts are needed to collaborate with your team to help evaluate if your messaging is reaching the consumer in a competitive manner.

The consumer is demanding of relevancy and will choose retail and wholesale companies that present product with vision.

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